Crossword: Summer 2020

A crossword for longtime locals.

If you've been in Bozeman a while, you know that a lot's changed. But do you remember exactly what, when, and how? If you can solve this puzzle, be proud—your memory is solid, your status as a legit local secure. 

1. Mean & mobile, double predatory thorn in the city’s side

5. Ruled the Ridge until late 2000s: _____ Creel

9. By way of

10. Thinner on the Ridge

11. Aliens among us

12. Obscenity obscurer, absent from O/B

14. Nonprofit’s suffix

16. Hidden hangout

17. Local guide and longtime O/B writer: _____ Dehmer

18. Direction for climbers

20. Winter gathering where locals tested vehicular horsepower, traction, and overall handling: Hyalite _____

21. Atmospheric prefix

23. In the ’90s, numero of Bozeman operations brewing cerveza

24. Copper source

25. Time passed since the good ol’ days, it seems

27. When sport climbers wake up

28. Lah-dee-freakin’- _____

29. To be or not to _____

30. Game stage for recreation in the Gallatin National Forest, dark colors move first

35. This mountain lake’s a real gem

39. Backcountry load-hauler, or cousin thereof

40. First word of the U.S. Constitution

41. Something you contrive to make your life sound more interesting (abbr.)

43. Spiraling sickness in Madison rainbows: _____ disease

44. Short, for short 

1. Famous puppy in a pint, was the best ale around (two words)

2. Another name for the northern lights

3. Former Spanish Peaks icon: black fetcher, not white slider

4. Number of I-90 exits in Bozeman in 2000

5. Celestial, sisterly vehicle for recreationists

6. Wear oneself out: _____ it

7. In 2000, nobody wore this in Bozeman

8. Brewer’s bar

13. Mountain predator

15. GPS itinerary (abbr.)

19. Costumed downhill classic

22. Once-iconic seat for going slow up the mountain, in tandem (two words)

26. Bozeman east-west arterial 

27. By means of

29. Bygone vessel of climbing gear and apparel

31. Color

32. Montana wilderness pioneer: _____ Marshall

33. Dark slaver once abundant across Montana: Moose _____

34. Gettin’ wet in the morning

36. Cage for trained hawks

37. Ballpark figure

38. Cyber chuckle

42. There’s gold _____ them thar hills