Winter 2020-21 Crossword

Another issue of O/B, another crossword. Below is the winter edition of our seasonal puzzle. If you think you got 'em all, swing by the O/B office for a chance to win some swag.

contest, crossword, winter


1. Much-anticipated harbinger of winter fun; also much-maligned sensitive type
6. Use it to chop wood and climb ice
8. Sound of flying geese or angry drivers
9. Shoo, don’t bother me
10. Make sure your transceiver is _____
11. Garlic mayo
13. When the mercury goes low
16. Dig one to study frozen layers
18. The ugly one takes the cake
21. Holy one, abbr.
22. Place for hogs, not dogs
23. Lace up and do the lutz
25. Two ways to ski it
29. Greater continental mountain range, abbr.
30. Click _____ to your skis
31. Illustrious snow mansion
32. St. Nick’s more common initials
33. Chicken from Ukraine
34. A wolf’s gait
35. Picasso’s platform
36. Famous man of snow


1. Spike your cocoa with it
2. When wipe out under the chairlift, _____ it
3. Montana’s mid-winter temps, or Nurse Ratched’s demeanor
4. Black cattle breed
5. Growth-stunted worker, excepting Mr. Ferrell
6. Check this forecast before going deep
7. Beat your baby chickens, with sugar, milk, and cream
10. Either’s alternative
12. The best side
14. Use it to find unfortunate friends
15. Night before Christmas
17. “___ beginning to look a lot like Christmas...”
18. Intermediate ski turn
19. Yellowstone’s primary home, abbr.
20. Sacrifice fly result, often (in baseball)
22. On St Patty’s we run, at Christmas we _____
24. Scottish garments
25. More gracious
26. Snow motion
27. Dig one in the snow to wait out a storm
28. Throw another log on it
32. Level of skin protection on the slopes, abbr.