Tricked-Out Trucks

Montanans don't cut corners when it comes to outdoor rigs. In fact, some folks spend so much time accessorizing their trucks, they hardly get out to use all that fancy-schmancy off-road gear. You know what we're talking about: rooftop tents, floodlights, lifted suspensions, traction boards, gas cans, jacks, shovels, snorkels...wait, snorkels? What rivers are you fording? 

Regardless, all that overlanding equipment makes one wonder: are you really that hardcore, or are you compensating for a deficiency elsewhere? Either way, and whether it's your own rig or someone else's, we want to see it (the compensator, not the deficiency). So, take a snapshot and upload it below. Best monthly photo snags a pile of O/B swag, booze & beer (if of age), and a gift certificate to a local business. And yes, there will indeed be a drool-worthy grand prize at the end of the fall season (pictured below). Let's see those rigs. 

Tricked out trucks prizes