Summer 2021 Crossword

Welcome summer, we're excited to have you. To celebrate your arrival, we put together a seasonal puzzle for our readers. If any of them nail all the answers, we encourage them to swing by the office with their completed crossword for a chance to win some O/B swag. So with that, readers—have at it!

summer 2021 crossword



1. Info to help plan an outdoor adventure; also, a non-native male increasingly seen around Bozeman
3. Iconic summer ski run; also, what is often done with a certain odiferous plant at the top of said run
7. Epilogue
9. A double-edged summer sword, dousing flame and fun alike
10. Current, cloud, or climate control (abbr.)
12. Run this race, get stuck in it, and witness it nightly at the R Bar
13. Use it to scoop a fish or sink a three
14. Inner is floaty, top is sexy
16. Do _____ O/B says, not _____ O/B does
18. Symbiotic flower lover
19. Do it with boat, board, or bikini, but definitely beer
21. Mountain-man currency; also, what you do to your friend who forgets the beer
22. Climb to this peak, ride in this seat
23. Maximize your time on this seasonal maximum
27. Older but not necessarily wiser (abbr.)
28. You don’t get _____ by being dumb
30. Bad taste, good dirt
32. A lofty goal and a cool shop
34. Mind the wind when you deploy this device (two words)
38. Every dog has _____ day
40. Eerie night bird and late-summer river respite (two words)
41. Follow this to stay on track

1. What your legs feel running, what your skin does floating
2. Utter, entire, absolute; also, what hitting an elk at 80mph does to your car
3. Ride this divide; also, landing hard on your sit bone
4. Every fish tale ever told
5. Industrious six-legger
6. _____ or be eaten
8. Annoying summer bloodsucker (not Yellowstone Club member)
11. Raised to the power of three
15. Found on new hiker’s packs and in Old Ephraim’s scat
17. The meanest mamas around
19. Here and there: to and _____
20. Utilize, employ; also, what a trout bum does, for room and board, to an unsuspecting summer mate
21. Pre-smartphone handheld computer; also, making out in front of everyone
23. _____ the hook or lose the fish
24. Not incorporated, but close
25. Take away a kid’s, watch him cry; take away a man’s, watch him buy
26. What GenXers listened to music on
29. Most popular hatch on the lower Madison
31. Good to have one in the hole for fortune or around the corner for hardware
33. Common fly, uncommon pole
34. Ovine exclamation
35. Shakespearean hubbub, for naught
36. Animal appendage; also, what we all do to new outdoor gear
37. I think, therefore I _____
39. Bestower of vitamin and melanin