Spring 2021 Crossword

Spring has sprung and with it, another seasonal crossword. Take a crack. If you're confident with your answers, swing on by the O/B office for a chance to win some swag out of the illustrious Treasure Chamber.

crossword puzzle, spring 2021

1. Golden springtime flower and famous princess
7. Keeps your head above water and prevents a fine (acronym)
9. Large microbrewery container
10. One-day children’s hunting season
11. Between this and big Mama is big trouble
12. Use it for a clean landing
13. I think therefore I _____
14. The song of spring rivers and Simba
17. Cruise this to keep the winter dream alive
19. Promise of a flower, also close friend
21. Sinuous swimmer
22. Keep your _____ to the wind
23. Clever crimson critter-getter (two words)
25. Good for plants, bad for memory
26. Pejorative colloquialism for generic ripper of lips (two words)
29. Outdoor knowledge that also grows on trees (acronym)
33. Tube type
34. Native nickname for Yellowstone’s shaggiest beast
36. Nurse’s hangover remedy
37. In small-town Montana, your friend’s current mate is your _____
38. No bikes or boots on _____ trails
39. Springtime avalanche or backyard fun: _____ slide

1. Skip, jump, and especially hop at this adults-only race (two words)
2. It is
3. Settle the score: get _____
4. In Montana, this describes wolverines and good steaks
5. Scan your body after a hard landing
6. Blow up your boat and paddle home
7. Run to this festive terminus in March
8. Yankee Jim’s effect on the average paddler: sense of _____
13. What happened to you on your first run down Neversweat: _____ shit
15. Tone ‘em up for the Bikini Hatch
16. _____ the day you decided to run Yankee Jim
18. All-inclusive pleasure
20. Gone fishin’—check this before you go
24. Greek god’s emphatic exhortation: just _____ it
26. Where Tinker Bell goes camping: _____ Lake
27. What you abandoned when you decided to run Yankee Jim
28. How early-spring aspens look
30. Unit of measure for coffee and beer
31. Fly high
32. Gas-powered growler
35. To be safe, brush up on this first