Outdoor Limericks

We all know about the man from Nantucket, but our limits of limericks shall not stop there. Limericks: short, five-line poems in which the first, second, and fifth lines all rhyme, all to the same verbal beat. We're looking for your outdoor-related limericks. Send us your best—if you can tie it in to Bozeman, all the better. Prizes from the O/B Treasure Chamber await the winner.

tea cup, outdoor limericks, poetry

Here are a few samples to get the juices flowing:

Ski Bum
There once was a lad who bought skis
Who all summer had missed skiing the trees.
After first snow, he skied it all
And more than once took a fall,
And before winter had blown out his knees. 

The sky set ablaze in fiery red
the sun burns the horizon ahead
And we sit on our summit in awe
Our legs as lax as our jaw
Our day finally comes to a head.