Cast Fishing Guide Crossword

Attention fishing fanatics: If you think you have your lingo dialed to the point where you could teach a guide a thing or two, take a stab at this issue's crossword. If your confidence proves you right, and you fill every square, drop by the O/B office with your completed crossword and take home some swag.

crossword, contest, cast



1. Artificial enticement
3. Do this to slack fly line and your relationship after fishing all summer
6. _____ your boat; also, a pedestrian homophone for caviar
8. Affirmative gesture; also, _____ off after not catching anything for two hours
10. Waterproof overalls; also, those sorry souls who can’t afford a driftboat
11. Two, twice, goes both ways; also, the type of polarity suffered by anglers who don’t fish enough
12. Prince, but of Essex instead of a nymph (abbr.)
13. Would-be lawyers fear it, longtime trout bums love it
14. All, universal; also, a swanky hotel & resort completely out of your price range
17. Stubborn and unintended catch
18. In Montana, it’s all about this fish
19. Measure trout in inches, rods in _____
20. _____ carefully lest you get stuck or capsize
22. Most fly fishers make too many of these, falsely, and not enough drifts
24. Measurement of river flow; also, what you get when you’ve been fishing for way too long (abbr.)
25. Zip it up and tie one on
26. Northern trout-displacer
27. Fishing for a living will make you healthier, wealthier, and _____
29. Every fish story ever told
31. Chemical element that helps you decide whether to go fishing (abbr.)
32. Spanish for what surrounds most southwest Montana rivers; also, eminent environmental organization
34. Do this to your lure to give it some action in the water; also, do it with your body to get some action on the dance floor
35. Common gas-guzzling fishing rig
36. Beautiful curve that appears in your fly line during a cast; also, homophone for Noah’s watercraft
37. Small waterlogged imitator, mythological nature spirit, and sexy aprés participant

1. What’s between you and the fish; also, what you wait in at the Warm Springs put-in
2. Essential tool for catching fish; also, essential tool for mating
4. Area incongruous to the natural flow
5. What a fish does when you show yourself; also, game to play afterward at the bar
6. Campground monstrosity obliterating sounds and sights of nature
7. Sounds of wingbeats in a thick hatch
9. Aroma, usually foul with trout bums
10. Bony, prolific fish native to Montana; also, where prolific non-native boneheads buy overpriced waterfront mansions in northwest Montana
11. Keep a nylon one in the boat to keep your gear dry
13. Southern equivalent of trout
15. Slip on it and strip it from your streamer
16. Euphemism for bum: “He’s a trout _____!”
18. Organize it in box, pack, or vest; also, what you do to your friend when he beats you to your favorite hole
19. Apparatus for cooking fish & chips; also, homophone for Franciscan follower
21. Use hair from this ungulate to tie a tried-and-true, trout-slaying fly
22. Squawk of a big black bird often seen in Montana
23. Moving water smaller than rivers; also, tears flow in this when you get out-fished
28. Do this to your line to give a streamer some action; also, play this style of poker to get some action
30. Used to describe the story of Moby Dick; also, how every fishing story sounds from the mouth of the storyteller
32. Picturesque Central Montana river; also, what heliophobes avoid by wrapping up in buffs
33. Watch out for the poisonous variety of this when hiking the Beartrap
34. Third-year college student; also, what old-timers call you on the river when you get cocky (abbr.)