Tickets to Ride

Season-pass options explained. 

A season pass is a reflection of oneself, and often, one’s fiscal flexibility. As such, it requires careful self-evaluation. What type of skier are you? What type of skier do you want  to be? With so many factors to work through, it’s easy to get buried. Let O/B break it down for you, at least in terms of affordable ski-pass options. 

Epic Season: Big Sky Bronze Season Pass
It’s hard to put a price on the freedom felt while gliding across 5,800 acres, including tram access—which is why Big Sky’s full pass requires a second mortgage. But the Bronze Pass is a pretty good deal: The Bronze Pass comes with unlimited skiing from November 23, 2017 – December 15, 2017 and April 1-15, 2018. You can also ski Monday through Thursday from December 16, 2017 – March 31, 2018, except holidays. That’s a lot to unpack, but it adds up in your favor.

  • Adult (18-69): $569 ($6.39/day)
  • Seniors (70+): $519 ($5.83/day)
  • College: $469 ($5.27/day)
  • Junior (11-17): $439 ($4.93/day)
  • Youth (6-10): $209 ($2.35/day)
  • Days included: 89
  • Tram included 

Solid Season: Bridger Bowl Season Pass
Bridger offers ample skiing opportunities without devastating the billfold. Exhibit A: Bridger’s full season pass has no exclusions, and while you may wait in line on weekends and powder days, otherwise the mountain is your oyster—and a fine, pearly-white oyster it is, what with everything from mellow hangover runs to sidecountry gates, Schlasman’s Lift, and the Ridge. Plus, the Bridger pass automatically enters you in the Powder Alliance, giving you 3 free ski days at 15 partner resorts.

  • Adult (25-69): $675 ($5.87/day)
  • Young Adult (19-24): $625 ($5.43/day)
  • Junior (13-18): $395 ($3.43/day)
  • Child (7-12): $175 ($1.52/day)
  • Senior (70-79): $395 ($3.43/day)
  • Super Senior (80 & Over): $10 ($.09/day)
  • Days included: 115
  • (Prices increase after October 15)

Beginner Season: Big Sky Silver Lite Season Pass
Season PassThe Silver Pass includes enough days to hone some new skills and surpass a few hurdles—of which there are many in Big Sky, even without the tram.

  • Adult (18-69): $799 ($6.44/day)
  • Seniors (70+): $749 ($6.04/day)
  • College: $669 ($5.40/day)
  • Junior (11-17): $469 ($3.78/day)
  • Youth (6-10): $209 ($1.69/day)
  • Days included: 124
  • Tram not included

Family-Friendly Choice: Bridger Bowl Season Pass
Families receive $100 off every Junior Season Pass and $50 off every Child Season Pass purchased in the same order as a Bridger Bowl Adult Season Pass. 

Best Overall Value: Bridger Ski Foundation Trails Pass
While a trails pass is voluntary, I highly recommend getting one, and for only $50, it’s the best deal in winter recreation. Your donation supports grooming efforts on Nordic trails from Lindley Park to Hyalite.