Ziplining over the Gallatin

Situated at the mouth of Gallatin Canyon, Montana Whitewater Raft Company has built an impressive network of ziplines and platforms hidden in the pines, providing you with an adrenaline-soaked way to spend the day once the sun starts shining. You can bring the whole family too—as long as they’re over six years old and under 260 pounds. On O/B’s recent zip trip, the guides joked around, explaining that everyone is safely connected to an overhead line at all times, and that no one had died yet this year (except for one guy, but he kinda deserved it).

Between battling treetop obstacles and rocketing through the sky, the two hours of ziplining were a scream… literally. One woman yelled (and cried) on nearly every zipline and rope bridge. Everyone laughed (including her)—not at her hysterics, but because she was the one who booked the tour for her and her ever-so-calm firefighter boyfriend. On the other hand, the rest of the group happily hooted and hollered.

When you’re not terrified of heights, ziplining is exhilarating. One of the most popular zips, the Wiley Wire of the Wild West, delivers a perma-grin as it blasts you almost 800 feet across the Gallatin River. This is their longest line, making it the easiest to get stuck on, forcing one unlucky guide to save you—whether he likes you or not.

After a delightful day of laughing, yelling, and flying, we said our goodbyes to the group and zipped out of the canyon to Gallatin Gateway, where we toasted to a good day and drank to our next zipline adventure. 

This season Yellowstone Zip has added even more lines, obstacles, and package options to send you skyward. To book a reservation, call 800-799-4465 or visit