O/B Hit List: Exploring Parks & Trails

Snow-filled fun all winter long.

It's no secret that the mountains around Bozeman teem with opportunities for outdoor excitement. But did you know that there's loads of fun to be had right here, in town, just minutes from your doorstep? That's right, our municipal parks and trails offer just as much recreation, with a fraction of the preparation. So take some time this winter explore the many parks scattered around town, and the many urban trails meandering from north to south and east to west. 

Who: Anyone who wants to get outside, breathe the cool air, and work up a sweat—all without driving more than a few miles. You can also walk, run, or bike from your house, weather and location permitting. Parks are great for lazy evenings and mellow weekends, and are a hassle-free place to take the kids anytime.

Outside Bozeman Sledding 

What: Trail-running. Nordic skiing. Sledding with the kiddos. Hockey with your pals. Riding a fat-bike through a corridor of leafless aspen. A sunset stroll, hand-in-hand with your sweetie, sipping hot cocoa and looking out across the valley, lights aglow against a backdrop of snow.

Outside Bozeman Hockey Skating

When: Any darn time you want. Take a morning run along the Gallagator. Ski lunch laps at Highland Glen. Work off Sunday brunch doing sledding laps at Peets Hill or the Regional Park, then lounge on the couch while the young'uns take a nap.

Outside Bozeman Nordic Ski

Where: Lindley Park, a jumping-off point to ski trails at Sunset Hills and Highland Glen. Southside, for ice skating between warm-up sessions in the heated changing hut. Bogert, for hockey, throwing a Frisbee, or sitting streamside with coffee and a book. Peets Hill, for sledding, walking the dog, or striding it out on a brisk run. The Regional Park, where there's something for everyone: a sledding hill, walking and running trails, and a dog park. Or any one of the dozens of other options within a three-mile radius of downtown.

Outside Bozeman Peets Hill Sledding

Why: Because winter's a magical time, with the snow falling, the air cold and clean, and your fellow Bozemanites smiling through foggy breath, happy as black labs to live in this beautiful winter wonderland. You'll forget all your trivial complaints as the euphoria of the season sets in, commingling with the camaraderie of your equally-enamored friends and neighbors. And because, like every other season in Montana, winter has its own unique appeal—and when it's gone, all those extraordinary experiences go with it. Seize the season and you'll welcome, rather than rue, the arrival of the next.

Outside Bozeman Peets Hill