Autumn Inspiration

Don’t give up just yet. It’s easy to become sedentary when the leaves turn colors and the temps start to drop. Excuses stack up like the decaying foliage—excuses based on assumptions: that the weather isn’t good enough or that the days aren’t long enough or that the summer is over. And gone with the excuses is time spent outside—at least until you can ski again, right?

Think again—fall is the season for recreation. Between the snowy summits and scorching sun lies an abundance of smooth, empty trails—void of heat stroke and hords of fair-weather recreationists—waiting to be enjoyed.

The frost on your windshield won’t last all day, so get outside. It won’t be long before the snow is here to stay and a lengthy winter envelops our region. (Followed by springtime mud that’ll keep your wheels and feet off the dirt for far too long.)

Whatever it was that you had to do this week, put it off. When the days are even shorter and the mornings even colder, you’ll be wishing you had. It’s not summer anymore in the Gallatin Valley, but if you’re a biker, a hiker, a runner, or a climber, that’s no reason to hang up the gear just yet. We’ll see you out there. 

Words and Photos by Ryan Krueger.