Fall Hit List: Bird Bath

Hunting huns and pheasant at Canyon Ferry.  

While rifle season is well underway, true Montana outdoorsmen know not to neglect the feathered fare. Birds are fair game through the end of the year, but getting to them will only get harder once the snows fall in earnest. Do yourself a favor: get some meat in the freezer sooner rather than later. It tastes delicious and a hunt at the Canyon Ferry Wildlife Management Area is on our Fall Hit List.

Who: Those of you who have bagged your elk but still want to get out and hunt. Also, any bird-dog owner whose pooch looks up with yearning eyes.

What: The Canyon Ferry Wildlife Management Area on the south end of the reservoir. Easy access from Townsend will have you in bird habitat without much effort, and while the area sees heavy hunter traffic, there’s plenty of room for all. Do your fellow hunters a favor and wait until mid-morning before heading out. Deer hunters use the piece as well, and they tend to covet the early-morning hours. Wear orange, even though it isn’t required. Being visible is a bonus this time of year, no matter what you’re doing in the woods.

 Canyon Ferry Wildlife Management Area, Bird Hunting

When: Now, and as long as the land is walkable. Mild temps through the weekend promise quintessential Montana hunting opportunities, and you should take advantage while you can. While inclement weather wouldn’t ruin a hunt, soaking up the last warm rays of fall will do the body good.

Where: The Canyon Ferry Wildlife Management Area, at the south end of the reservoir, about an hour from Bozeman. Townsend offers all the services you need, including excellent breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Several good roads provide access to the state lands from the east of the reserve.

 Canyon Ferry Wildlife Management Area, Bird Hunting

Why: Busting through the brush with your trusty canine at your side, working together to flush a bird or two, while snow caps the high peaks, and sun sets the grasses ablaze in a rich, amber glow? In a word: Montana.

And because bird hunting at Canyon Ferry is on our Fall Hit List. If you snap a photo from your hunt and tag us on Facebook or Instagram (#OBHitList), you could win a prize from our Fall Hit List contest. This week, we’re giving away a bottle of Ramsdell’s Parrot dark rum from Wildrye Distilling. It makes for an excellent celebratory post-hunt drink.

Wildrye Dark Rum