Ethical Appeal

The Hunt Right campaign explained. 

Long before the heat of summer gives way to cool autumn nights, the hunt will begin—and with it, the inevitable ethical dilemmas that confront sportsmen in their pursuit of game. To help hunters make the right choices while afield—for example, not shooting beyond one’s comfortable range, to avoid wounding an animal—the Region 3 Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has embarked on an ethics-education campaign for the upcoming season. It’s called Hunt Right, and according to CAC member Dennis Nelson, the goal is to “reinforce honorable, ethical conduct as a cornerstone of Montana’s rich and storied hunting heritage.” Certain high-profile events within the last few years accentuated a growing problem, he says, and the CAC unanimously voted to tackle the project. “This is a big issue,” explains Nelson, and an important one for all Montanans. “We’re talking about our state’s treasured wildlife and how we show it the proper respect—not to mention the future of our hunting opportunities.” The group stresses a need for public support, to cover project costs and help with marketing efforts. For more information on donating or volunteering, visit