Take Mom Fishing

Want to give the perfect Mother's Day gift? Take Mom fishing. That’s right; there’s even a corresponding aquatic insect hatch, which reminds us that Mother Nature also celebrates Mother’s Day.

Numerous local fly-shops offer equipment rentals and lessons in fly-fishing, which will surely whet Mom’s appetite to take Dad and the kids to school on the river.

More and more women are taking up fly-fishing. A recent survey in Colorado found that 35% of fly-fishers are women. Most of them averaged more than 18 days on the water. Gone are the days of the “Good ol’ boys' club.”

Nonprofits are increasingly following suit. Casting for Recovery is one such organization that uses the healing power of nature and the challenge of learning a new skill to help women cope with the devastating aspects of breast cancer.

This year, if you are at a loss for something special for that most important of women in your life, take Mom fishing and celebrate the Mother’s Day caddis hatch. For more information on the Mother’s day caddis hatch visit anglerstonic.com. And for more information on Casting for Recovery, visit castingforrecovery.org. Happy Mother’s Day!