A new fishing guide rises to the surface.

There’s no shortage of recreational guides out there, but how often do they help anyone but novices? When was the last time you, self-respecting Bozemaniac and expert outdoorsman that you are, found anything original or useful in one? Starting this spring, the paradigm’s set to shift with the publication of CAST, the fattest fishing guide to strike southwest Montana in years. This long-awaited lunker’s got all the usual suspects—river profiles, maps, top patterns, and gear reviews—but it’s also brimming with additional, in-depth content: local profiles, guide interviews, campfire tales, the best post-fish watering holes, and expert tips and tricks to make you a better, more effective fisherman. I know what you’re thinking: just another lame-ass ad grab, aimed at inexperienced tourists and rife with superficial stories about fly fishing in the “last best place”—yawn. Guess what? CAST is a bona fide fishing guide produced by fishermen, for fishermen, of all stripes and species: bait or fly, touron or local, newbie or seasoned vet. The best part? It’s FREE. Look for it in mid-May at fly shops, coffee houses, and outdoor stores around the region. You can also read the digital edition here.

Photo by Dale Spartas