Anker's Greatest Hits

“In life, you only get one chance,” Anker told me, referring to first impressions, experiences in life, and on-sighting routes. Here are a few of Anker's attempts to make the most of it.

1992: East buttress, Middle Triple Peak, Kichatna Spires, Alaska. Second ascent with Seth Shaw.

Tien Shan, Khan Tengri, 6,995 m., Invitation Speed Climbing Competition

Ak Su, Russian Tower, Russian Shield, VI 5.10 A3

Northwest face (V 5.8, 2100m), Peak Loretan, Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica (solo). Rakekniven, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. First ascent with Alex Lowe and Jon Krakauer.

Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition, Mount Everest, Nepal/Tibet. Khumbu, Ama Dablam winter 90, Lobuche solo, Chomolungma, Tibet, 8,850 m.

East face of Vinson Massif, Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica. First ascent with Jon Krakauer.

Southwest ridge, Cholatse, Khumbu region, Nepal. Summit attained with Kevin Thaw, Kris Erickson, John Griber, and Abby Watkins.

May, 1987: Gurney Peak, SE Face, Kichatna Spires, VI 5.10 A3 nr July, 1989: NW Face, Mt. Hunter nr

January, 1987: Rakekniven, Snow Petrel Wall, Queen Maud Land, VI 5.10 A3 fa December, 1992: Vinson Massif, Sentinel Mountains, 4,897 m. South Face nr, ski descent
January, 2001: West face (2,000 m. at 45)
January, 1999: West ridge nr
January, 2001: East face nr

December, 1994: Badlands, Torre Egger VI 5.10 A3 nr February, 1996: Tomahawk (nr)/Excocet, Cerro Standhart, V 5.9 WI 5

October, 2009: Pistol Grip Pump, Scorched Earth 12a, on-sight