Dry Ice

The idea was fantastic, the progress has been slow, and now everyone is confused about whether it’s actually going to happen. Conrad Anker’s pet project—a proposed $1-3 million ice climbing tower—hasn’t seen much headway in the past year. The Ice Tower’s website states, “we are dedicated to erecting a World Cup–caliber ice climbing structure in Bozeman by the end of 2012,” and now as the end of 2013 draws near, there’s still no movement on the project. The plan was to build a tower at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds with ice climbing capabilities in the winter and rock climbing access for the summer, along with a stage for performances and concerts. After the design was chosen, the next hurdle was finding appropriate funding. Reactions to the ice tower have been mixed, with neighbors showing little support. Unfortunately for supporters, this obstacle has proven the biggest, grinding progress to a halt. Keep an eye on the horizon—but as for this winter, the tower will not be part of the Bozeman playground.