Biking Bulletin

Southwest Montana's newest trail advocates.

Before 2014, Montana and Wyoming did not have representation within the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). In February 2014, IMBA realigned their regional boundaries and added an office in Missoula. With the new representation in-state and the growth of mountain-biking nationwide, the Dirt Concern, formerly a Bozeman-centered group, changed its name to Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association (SWMMBA) and applied for chapter status. The change reflects a larger, more relevant region and IMBA chapter status allows them to capitalize on membership benefits. “As an IMBA Chapter, we’ll receive joint membership for our members within IMBA,” says Ian Jones, acting SWMMBA president. “Professionals take over the heavy lifting of membership and recruitment activities and allow us to focus on building trails, protecting special areas, and empowering our community for the benefit of every mountain biker.” The IMBA chapter application has been approved along with preliminary federal 501(c)3 nonprofit status. The energy, insight, and manpower brought to the group by the new board and members will advance trail advocacy while enhancing the collective voice of mountain bikers in our region. For more information, visit