Avalanche Safety

Terry Cunningham
The Dos Equis–hawking character dubbed “the Most Interesting Man in the World” has a rival in Bozeman resident Doug Chabot. The 48-year-old was arrested and jailed for a week by border guards in Tajikistan. Read more >>
Bradley Barrett
Super Bowl Sunday of 2011 was an unpredicted snow day, and I woke up to a ringing cell phone. It was a close friend looking for a ski partner. Before fully awakening, I’d left the house and was heading toward the northern Bridgers. Read more >>
Krueger, Ryan
The full moon arched above us in the cold night sky, brightening the surrounding hillsides. As we peered into the shelter, shadows danced through the windows and lively chatter leaked out into the frozen landscape beyond the fabric walls of the yurt.  Read more >>
England, Mike
Speed Pro 240 TECH Avalanche Probe–G3
Pape, Jay
If you're buried in an avalanche, you have a 93% chance of being recovered if you're found in 15 minutes or less. That is, if you survive the ride. So when was the last time you actually practiced with your transceiver? More important, does your partner practice? Read more >>
Patnode, Angela
The demand for avalanche education has literally exploded in the Bozeman area. There are now numerous courses to choose from depending on experience and interest. Read more >>
Pape, Jay
Many folks believe that we can ski Saddle “safely.” How can we safely ski any slope with people hidden below and out of view while others are dropping in on top of you? It would be more accurate to say we ski Saddle “luckily.” Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
What’s the next new product at Mystery Ranch? “We’re bringing out a ski pack that has an avalanche buoyancy system built into it,” Dana says. When activated, the Blackjack deploys a 150-liter inflatable airbag designed to keep the skier’s head and body above the slide. Read more >>
DiSanti, Mary Jane
Books on avalanche safety have been flying out the doors. They include ABCs of Avalanche Safety by Sue A. Ferguson and Edward R. Read more >>
Pape, Jay
My partner and I ski across a slope covered with avalanche debris. It looks to be a couple of days old, but the crownline at the top of the slope is obscured by storm clouds and I try to convince myself that it will not slide again. Read more >>
Ice Climbing, Hyalite, Avalanche
Ryan Minton
“Should we take the transceivers?” Caleb asks.“I don’t think we’ll need them,” I reply. “The snowpack seems pretty stable. Besides, if there’s a possibility of a slide, we just won’t climb.” Read more >>
Chabot, Doug
I get excited at the thought of fresh powder and start to salivate every time I hear, “a winter storm warning is in effect.” Obviously others share my obsession since each storm is followed by a shortage of workers in Bozeman, as folks call in sick and play hooky. Read more >>
Outside Bozeman
Founded in 1990 to “provide the public with current snowpack and mountain weather information and avalanche education,” the GNFAC is a tremendous resource for any backcountry visitor. Read more >>
Chabot, Doug
Chances are you're someone who enjoys winter – as a snowmobiler, backcountry skier, or snowboarder, you probably dream of steep slopes and deep, untracked powder. Or perhaps you snowshoe or cross-country ski, and you cherish the winter woods and the solitude that a blanket of snow provides. Read more >>
Reddinger, Drew
If you’re like me, riding fresh powder is one of the greatest feelings of all—the type of addictive pleasure that influences life decisions. It’s that addiction that brings us away from the chairlifts and tracked lines of ski hills and into the pristine backcountry. Read more >>
Mike England
Taking the Level 1 Avalanche Safety course at the Yellowstone Institute. Read more >>
Orms, R. Kent
As you hike slowly up through the deep snow, the cold air stinging your face, you hear a CRRRAAACK so loud and deep it echoes down the canyon and shakes the new snow off the trees. You turn to move, but, before you can, you’re tumbling. Read more >>
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