Yankee Jim Canyon, Yellowstone River, Whitewater Kayaking, Montana
Fred Smith
A guide to Yankee Jim’s whitewater. 
whitewater, rivers, bozeman
the editors
3 popular whitewater rivers:YellowstoneMadisonGallatin3 popular whitewater streams:Hyalite CreekWest Fork of the GallatinBig Timber Creek Read more >>
Yellowstone River Fish Kill, Montana Invasive Species
Andrea Jones, FWP
Last year’s massive whitefish kill on the Yellowstone River was bad, but for Montana anglers, it may be a signal of what's to come. Read more >>
Yellowstone River, Lower Yellowstone, fly fishing, fishing Montana,
Wink, Callan
A fishing guide's dilemma.
Yellowstone River Camping, Montana Panoramic
Hergert, Craig
Fall camping trips to the river offer an opportunity for quiet reflection before the storms of winter. In the high country, snow begins to pile up, but down in the valley, the fire keeps us warm for one more night. Read more >>
Photo courtesy City of Three Forks
Dehmer, Kurt
Warm-water fisheries in SW MT.
Gallatin River, fishing around Bozeman, fly fishing
Kumlien, Kris
Bozeman's best fishing opportunitiesThe Yellowstone, Madison, and Gallatin are open year-round and offer a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Here’s a rundown of these incredible rivers. Read more >>
Fishing Guide, fishing in Montana, fly-fishing
David Tucker
Sarah Clark reflects on her life as a fishing guide. Read more >>
The Lower Yellowstone, Fly Fishing Yellowstone River
Michael Leach
Fishing from Livingston to Big Timber.
Yellowstone River, Upper Yellowstone, fly fishing, fishing Montana,
Dan Gigone
A fisher's paradise.
Photo by Montana Panoramic
Maggie Slepian
Outdoor options along the Yellowstone River
Leach, Michael
Bozeman, with its proximity to so much legendary water, is Big Sky Country’s epicenter for adventurous anglers—especially with rivers boasting names like the Madison, Missouri, and Big Hole all within a short drive. But there are rivers, and then there is the Yellowstone. Read more >>
Brown Trout, Montana Fall Fishing, Jefferson River
Kumlien, Kris
Come fall, local rivers empty and everyone heads for the hills. Read more >>
Phil Knight
Montana is graced with jaw-dropping mountains aplenty. But you can’t have mountains without valleys—and Montana’s valleys are as stunning as they come. The Big Hole, the Ruby, the Flathead, the Centennial… but only one is called Paradise. Read more >>
Robbins, Gary
A float trip down the Yellowstone River had been tumbling through my mind for eight or ten years. Finally, in 2009 when I had just about given up on the possibility, the perfect group came together. Read more >>
Conn, Charlie
Summer on the Yellowstone River offers the best dry fly fishing of the year. Although the trout key on dozens of different insects, the Salmon Fly, Grasshopper, and Evening Caddis are three of my favorite. Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
This early in the day, the road is home only to the deer, the antelope, and me. In the dim, dewy calm, they graze along the cutbanks and sandbars of the Yellowstone River under the attentive eyes of red-tailed hawks perched on fenceposts along the road. Read more >>
Amber Patterson
With the ski hills shut down and the local trails slathered in mud, spring’s a great time to jump in the car for a close-to-home road trip—and Gardiner is a great place to start. Read more >>
Becky Edwards
Following the paddlestrokes of Lewis and Clark.
Mike England
Exuberance meets caution in the roiling snowmelt of southwest Montana. Read more >>
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