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Orem, Tina
Advice on local wildlife.
Annual average grizzly-inflicted injuries in the backcountry: 1Number of snake species in Montana: 10Venomous snakes species in Montana: 1 Read more >>
Rogel, Christine
A few years ago, I passed a slowpoke on the road in front of me, returning to my lane just in time to see eyes staring down my headlights. Before I could swerve, the impact crushed the hood of my Honda CRV like an aluminum can. The car sputtered and stopped. Read more >>
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  • Reptiles & Amphibians

    England, Mike
    Montanans know all too well the dread-inducing buzz of a rattlesnake’s tail—and how these slithering serpents can cast a dark shadow over an otherwise glorious summer day. Read more >>
    Megan Ault
    As a mother of three nature-loving boys, one of my house rules is "Only one snake living with us at a time." They caught their snake enthusiasm outside, tracking and holding hundreds of garter snakes before we ever bought a snake and let it sleep in one of the bedrooms. Read more >>
  • Insects

    fly-tying, flies, fishing
    John Way
    Walk into any of southwest Montana’s great fly shops and you’ll notice hundreds of patterns, each representing a specific in Read more >>
    the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance
    As the summer sun beats down, everyone knows to apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water—but what about parasites? Those nasty little bloodsuckers are out there, waiting to use your body (and your dog's!) to fuel their own. Read more >>
    With Park splendor, recreational fun, wildlife sightings, and a spectacular summer sunset practically guaranteed daily, it's hard to ask for a fuller day in Gardiner. With a little planning, you don't have to.Butterfly Countnaba.org Read more >>
    Pogge, Drew
    Sid Williamson
    The sweet swarm that changes everything.
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