Other Mammals

Bats, pronghorns, beavers, and wolverines – some of the lesser-examined mammals that inhabit southwestern Montana.

Great Grey Owl, Yellowstone Wildlife, Montana Wildlife
Lee, Barbara
The red fox & great grey owl.
Understanding Coyotes, Michael Huff
Leahy, Michael
Coyotes are awesome. Savvy, playful, tough, and, yes, wily. If you don’t know this yet, if you still think suffragettes are subversive and coyotes wicked and worthless, Michael Huff wants to set you straight. He likes coyotes. Lives coyotes. Watches them, shoots them, respects them. Read more >>
Coyote, Sunset
Drews, Debbie
All about the coyote.
Snowshoe Hare, Montana
Lee, Barbara
Montana's hue-changing hare.
Northern Bridgers, Hunting Moose, Bozeman
Savage, Nick
Learning what I'm capable of, the hard way. Read more >>
bobcat, winter, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Haring, Mike
Following a photogenic bobcat.
Voles, Meadow vole, Outside Bozeman, Montana mammals
Knight, Phil
They're what's for dinner.
David Galliard
Bozeman's backyard beast, the lynx.
Sinay, Ken
Once the snow falls, there’s no better time than winter for “reading sign.” Whether snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or surveying the landscape from a chairlift, picking out animal tracks and trails can enhance any outdoor experience. Read more >>
Montana Bighorn Sheep, Gravelly Mountains
Don Thomas
Like a herd of rutting rams, various parties butt heads over bighorn-sheep management in southwest Montana—but others are figuring out ways to work together. Read more >>
Montana Prairie Voles
Barbara Lee
Seems we're not so different after all. 
Montana Haiku
Gustafson, Sid
mountain sheep graze thecold winter grass high aboveour indecency       Read more >>
Short Nosed Fruit Bat
Jones, Andrea
All about Montana's flying mammal.
wildlife car collisions, road kill, Montana
Tucker, David
Wildlife Collision Stats.
weasel, winter, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Lee, Barbara
Pine marten with a sweet tooth.
Vinje, Eric
How to keep Bambi out of your garden Read more >>
Courtesy Yellowstone National Park
Lee, Barbara
All about Montana's horniest beast
Jones, Andrea
Stealthy, independent, and elusive predators, mountain lions (or cougars) are unique creatures. While highly adaptable to different environments, mountain lions can live just about everywhere in Montana. Read more >>
Lee, Barbara
The open prairies and hills of southwest Montana are good areas to spot pronghorn antelope, the fastest distance runners in the world. Fans of the cheetah may argue that the African feline is faster, but they’re only correct if the distance is up to a quarter-mile or so. Read more >>
Harris, Emily
With my two dogs—Mr. Magoo, an American bulldog, and Molly, a mastiff/Catahoula mix—in the back of my hatchback, I pulled into the Dudley Creek trailhead in Gallatin Canyon. Not quite a mile down the trail, Molly wandered off in the underbrush and I had Mr. Read more >>
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