Montana Legislature 2017, Montana Wildlife Federation
Nick Gevock
2017 Legislature rolls along. 
Montana Wildlife Federation, Montana Legislature 2017
Nick Gevock
Hunting and habitat bills move forward. 
Montana Wildlife Federation, Montana Legislature
Nick Gevock
Legislature updates from the Montana Wildlife Federation. 
Montana Wildlife Federation, Montana Legislature
Nick Gevock
The Legislature moves forward. 
Looking to find local groups dedicated to protecting our beloved environment? Here you go!  Read more >>
river, conservation, natural resources
Emily O'Connor
Landscaping as an act of conservation. 
Sarah Tilt, One Montana, Gallatin Valley, Montana
Anthony Pavkovich
A discussion with One Montana's Sarah Tilt. 
Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Conservation Easement, Trails, Bozeman
Cordelia Pryor
When a fifth-generation Gallatin Valley rancher wants to keep the family land intact—regardless of all the work it will take—and a fatcat developer comes knocking with dollar signs in his eyes, the Gallatin Valley Land Trust offers the rancher an alternative. Read more >>
Montana Land Reliance, Conservation Easement, Gallatin Valley, Montana
Jimmy Lewis
Why conserving private land is good for all.  Read more >>
Mike Fiebig, American Rivers, Wild and Scenic, Bozeman
Anthony Pavkovich
As part one of a new four-part series, Outside Bozeman caught up with American Rivers’ Michael Fiebig for a conversation exploring the intersection of conservation and recreation. Read more >>
Beaver, Montana, Bannock Grazing Association
Sean Quartz
Climate change threatens the places where we hunt and fish, but beavers can help.  Read more >>
Montana Wilderness, Wildlfire, Yellowstone Park
Dennis Glick
When ecological systems are free to play themselves out on a large scale, things get a little dirty—and that’s a good thing.  Read more >>
Mike England
Nothing motivates like a challenge—be it a grade-school dare, a first-ever marathon, or starting a new business. Read more >>
Gallatin River Task Force, Gallatin River
Kristin Gardner
A plan to protect Big Sky’s water. 
Montana Wildlife Federation, Conservation, Public Land, Hunting
Nick Gevock
Protecting our public land. 
Public Lands Heist, Winter Wildlands Alliance, Outdoor Alliance Montana
Hilary Eisen
A national issue comes home. Last October, the state of Utah sold off almost 400 acres of state-owned land in an area known as Comb Ridge. Normally, this wouldn’t make the news in Montana, but it’s part of a larger story. Read more >>
the editors
Staying active in the public-lands fight is essential to ensuring victory for outdoor recreation, public access, and wildlife protection. Below you'll find all the information you need to make a difference.       Address emails to: Read more >>
Montana State Legislature 2017
Nick Gevock
State legislative session continues.Wildlife bills kept MWF and our conservation partners busy last week as legislators work to pass bills before the upcoming transmittal deadline to get general bills to the other chamber of the Legislature. Read more >>
Montana Wildlife Federation, Montana 2017 Legislature
Nick Gevock
Things picked up last week at the Capitol, with a host of bills addressing hunting licenses, fishing-access-site maintenance, and hunting access to state lands. Read more >>
Montana Wildlife Federation, 2017 Legislature
Nick Gevock
Inside the 2017 Legislature. 
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