Toad & Co. Chaka Skirt
Angie Mangels
Despite being a tomboy, I find myself drawn to wearing skirts, mostly because they’re versatile, comfortable, easy to dress up or down, and look better than just wearing tights. The Chaka by Toad & Co. fits the bill perfectly for ready-to-go-anywhere attire. Read more >>
Pearl Izumi Select Escape
David Tucker
A lightweight shell is a staple and especially useful in spring. Whether you’re running, biking, hiking, or fishing, having a water-repellent windproof layer will keep you comfortable and safe when the weather turns. Read more >>
Pearl Izumi Escape Pro Review
Chris McCarthy
Pearl Izumi is known for great cycling gear, and I’m sure cyclists will find the P.R.O. Escape Softshell and P.R.O. Escape Thermal great additions for their late-winter / early-spring riding. Read more >>
Dakine Beretta Jacket
Mio Alt
Charging burly lines demands burly apparel, and the Berreta line from Dakine offers just that. Read more >>
Toad & Co., Boxcan Shirt
Angie Mangels
Boxcan Sherpa Overshirt
Arborwear Campbell Hill Jacket
England, Mike
The down puffy coat—that ubiquitous anorak beloved by outdoor enthusiasts everywhere—has always suffered two major flaws: one, at any temperature above freezing, it’s pretty much a dry-sauna for your torso; and two, the flimsy nylon skin opens up with the slightest of scratches, spewing feathers Read more >>
Brooks-Range Alpini Anorak Review
Tucker, David
While winter is a ways off, we still have plenty of cold nights and crisp mornings to endure, neither of which is going to keep me inside. Read more >>
Outdoor Research Helium II Review
Tucker, David
No matter what I’m doing, if I’m outside, I need a good storm jacket. Problem is, if there’s no rain in the forecast and room in my pack is at a premium, I usually end up forgoing a shell. Read more >>
Outside Bozeman, Gear Reviews
Tucker, David
Gear for the 4th.This July 4, as you celebrate freedom and the rebellious nature of our forefathers, take a moment to consider some liberating gear options. The items listed here will definitely inject life and liberty into your pursuit of summer happiness.   Read more >>
Outdoor Research Placid Jacket
Brogger, Lilly
I’ve owned a number of puffy-coats and find that most leave me chilled or make me look like the abominable snowman. Read more >>
Ternua Ascent GTX Pro
Pogge, Drew
Ternua is a new company to the U.S., but has been making quality products in Spain for 20 years. Read more >>
Patagonia Refugitive
Doar, Melissa
If you’ve spent any time in Montana’s mountains, you know how unpredictable the conditions can be. Built to endure those conditions, Patagonia’s Refugitive hardshell is my new go-to jacket for all seasons. Read more >>
winter gear, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Krueger, Ryan
Did you know that it’s possible to get the warmth of a giant puffy jacket without wandering the streets of Bozeman looking like the Michelin Man? Read more >>
base layer, crew shirt
England, Mike
In the fall, when temperatures swing like a bipolar monkey on meth, a good base layer is paramount. Sherpa Adventure Gear’s Vayu Long-Sleeve Crew fits the bill, breathing during the heat of day and insulating through the cold of dawn and dusk. Read more >>
Arborwear Cedar Flex
Mike England
Last year I destroyed my favorite pants, ripping out the backside as I bootie-scooted down a steep scree field below Mt. Cowan. I’d needed mobility for the climb, which meant I had to sacrifice durability on the descent—thick, tear-resistant pants just don’t bend where you need ’em to, right? Read more >>
Sauce Chill Toque
Pollastro, Joyce
Baby, it’s cold out there—which is why I’ll definitely be wearing my Chill Toque from Bozeman-based Sauce while ski touring Read more >>
Carhartt Force Tappen Pant Review
McCarthy, Chris
I’ve been a fan of classic canvas pants from Carhartt for as long as I can remember, so when they come out with a new pair of cotton pants, I was hesitant to give them more than a cursory glance. The Tappen Cargo pant has changed my mind, however. Read more >>
SITKA Frantic Hoody
Sanderson, Maria
From hunting and scouting to sitting around the campfire, Sitka’s Fanatic Hoody has no shortage of great features. The built-in face-mask not only adds concealment, but allows one to stay warm and breathe comfortably in frigid winds. Read more >>
Nikwax Tech Wash
Tucker, David
This is less of a review and more of a reminder: take good care of your gear, and it’ll take care of you, plus you won’t have to keep buying new stuff every season. Read more >>
Selk'Bag 5G Original
Tucker, David
There’s gear you need, gear you don’t need, and then there’s gear that you don’t know you need. The 5G Original from Selk’Bag falls into the last category. To be fair, calling this fully insulated bodysuit “gear” is a bit of a misnomer. Read more >>
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