Mike England
Sometimes, having too many options can be exhausting. Other times, it has the opposite effect. After chasing elk through the mountains for four hours, I sat down and ate a Range Meal Bar, one of the latest additions to a seemingly endless procession of protein-bar choices. Read more >>
Alpen Fuel, Backcountry Snacks, Bozeman
Shaun Durkee
Snacks for the backcountry. 
Review: Alpenfuel Summit Snack Box
Mike England
In this age of infinite information and unlimited choices, curation is paramount—and food is no exception. Read more >>
Courtney Miranda
Three products to fuel your next outing. 
the editors
Easily prepared food for the backcountry. Some folks love to make elaborate and decadent meals when they're out in the field. For the less ambitious among you, here are some easily prepared options for your next outing.   Read more >>
Purps Hydro & Fuel
Mike England
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it—this maxim is why I’ve never drunk vitamin water. Pop a pill, down it with a glass of agua—is that so hard? It’s certainly cheaper, healthier, and less wasteful. Read more >>
England, Mike
Energy products to supplement the season.
tram bar outdoor nutrition
Mike England
On long, arduous outings, occasional re-fuelings are essential. And while energy bars are a dime a dozen, healthy, tasty, filling bars are not. Read more >>
Review: DNX Bars Grass-Fed Beef
Mike England
Gorp and Clif Bars may stop a growling stomach, but nothing pleases the trail-worn palate like an old-fashioned hunk o’ meat—which is where the DNX Grass-Fed Beef Bar Read more >>
Good to-go, granola
Luke Ebeling
Search no longer for lightweight backcountry food that’s both tasty and nutritious. Good To-Go’s Granola is breakfast, lunch, or a snack, with 580 calories and natural ingredients to keep you going all day. Read more >>
Hammer Nutrition Fully Charged
Mike England
On some days lethargy reigns, and we struggle to summon the requisite motivation for the hike, bike, run, or gym workout that we so desperately need—and that, ironically, will release us from the very torpor that’s holding us back. Read more >>
camp food, Outside Bozeman, Montana
England, Mike
When it comes to camp food, convenience and healthiness tend to move in opposite directions—but not so with Good To-Go’s Dehydrated Meals. These slim packets contain loads of healthy ingredients, without all the chemical compounds you’ve come to expect from most packaged foods. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
After a hard day in the mountains, there’s little better than sitting down to an ice-cold beer. And while a fancy, dark microbrew might hit the spot, sometimes you need something a little lighter and more refreshing—and that’s where Montucky Cold Snacks comes in. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
I’ve never been a fan of standard trail bars, but I do like small energy snacks I can easily stash in my backpack—so I was happy to discover Honey Stinger Organic Waffles. These handy treats are based off the energy waffles eaten by professional cyclists all across Europe. Read more >>
Mike England
When packing up for a long day on the trail or river, throw in a Kate’s Bar, a scrumptious blend of all-natural, organic ingredients guaranteed to fill your gut and please your palate at the same time. Read more >>
Baker, Alicia
As a nutritionist, I’ve had my share of granola bars. So when an online bakery, Bakery on Main, recently unveiled its newest granola bars, I just had to try them out. Read more >>
Caitlin Sundborg
There’s nothing better than crackin’ a cold one and sipping that sweet succulent nectar we all enjoy. But sippin’ is for wusses, and who wants to do things half-assed? Enter the Chuggler: every beer enthusiast’s dream. Feelin’ classy? Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
My motivation was starting to drain after pedaling away in the hot sun on one of those never-ending uphill slogs. I stopped to take a break in the shade and remembered that I had thrown some Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews into my bike pack that morning. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
After watching a few unsettling documentaries about how disgustingly overprocessed our food has become, it became clear that I ought to start paying attention to what I put in my mouth. Read more >>
Sundborg, Caitlin
Just so we’re clear, Luna Bars aren't "chick food." Each bar has nine grams of protein—which is about 50% more protein than an egg—and they come in mouthwatering flavors such as Peanut Butter Cookie, Vanilla Almond, and Iced Oatmeal Raisin (my favorite). Read more >>
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