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winter climbing, avalanche, backcountry
Sam Magro
Avalanche considerations for early-season boot-packers.
bikepacking, expedition, camping, biking, backcountry travel
Traute Parrie
Pedaling a lifelong dream.
fall color, yellowstone, hiking
Cordelia Pryor
None can ignore autumn, when the world explodes in dazzling displays of color. Amid Montana's dispersed evergreen hillsides, chokecherry and aspen commence a fireworks show of reds and yellows. Along the streams and rivers, cottonwoods glow a loud and brilliant orange. Read more >>
osprey falls yellowstone park
Joshua Bergan
Yellowstone Park in the year of the Bug. Read more >>
Lake Mary Ronan State Park
Chris McCarthy
Slowing down in the Flathead Valley.
alpine lake montana landscape
Maria Anderson
Five all-day adventures for the summer season.
the editors
The one-day weekend.
Corey Hockett
Logging miles with a purpose.
hiking, dogs, spring
Dr. Julie Oghigian
Tips and guidelines for hiking with a dog.  Read more >>
Frazier Basin, Geology, Bridger Mountains
Patti Albrecht
The fossils of Frazier Basin. 
Review: Schnee's Kestrel
Chris McCarthy
When I got my Kestrel boots from Schnee’s, I pulled them straight out of the box and went on a 25-mile backpack. Read more >>
Review: Lowa Aerox
Simon Peterson
The Aerox GTX Lo Surround is a multifunctional trail shoe that combines Gore’s Surround concept with Lowa’s direct-injection midsole ventilation channels to give the foot 360 degrees of breathability. Read more >>
Hiking, Dogs, Bozeman, Montana
Vicki Sielaff
And think like a dog. 
Review: Oboz Women’s Bridger Mid B-Dry
Melissa Doar
This isn’t my first pair of Oboz, and chances are, it won’t be my last. I got a good season-and-a-half out of my previous pair before, not surprisingly, my pre-teen son abducted them. Read more >>
Review: Gregory Swift 20 H20
Danielle McCarthy
Gregory’s Swift 20 H2O women’s daypack includes a three-liter water bladder that fits in a s Read more >>
Review: Vasque Breeze LT GTX
David Tucker
Lightweight comfort for all-day outings. 
backpacking, weekend, trip, cabin
Travis Decker
Slowing down at Woody Creek Cabin. Solitude is rare; peace of mind more so. Even deep in the Montana woods, our minds race and we’re removed from the moment, stressing about deadlines, bills, social commitments. It’s hard to be relaxed, paradoxical as that sounds. Read more >>
Review: MSR Hubba Tour
David Tucker
MSR’s Hubba Hubba is a backpacker favorite. But what if you want to go light, fast, and long without sacrificing features?  Read more >>
Review: Oboz Cirque Low Waterproof
Ian Roderer
In the past, I haven't been a big fan of trail shoes that straddle the line between light trail runners and heavy-duty hiking boots. Read more >>
Alpen Fuel, Backcountry Snacks, Bozeman
Shaun Durkee
Snacks for the backcountry. 
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