Winter Words

First Winter

First flakes fall, waltzing, halting, haunting,
Soft smells of autumn swirl with the twirling sky cream,
Until autumn falls completely to the ease of winter.

Nature slows; lows a greeting in brisk wind strokes,
Painting whites, blues; opaque hues onto a canvas of time.
All seasons before make first Winter.

Low horizons bend dusk into art,
Radiating beams of liquid light,
Light on mountain and field alike,
Slaking a thirst for warmth and life,
Before snow arrives in cold of night.

Howling winds, fouling snows,
Graceful radiance falls prey to truth,
Bitter, cynical, sarcastic blows,
Fall heavier than first fine light flakes,
Of winter snow.

Winds will die down
Snows will fall short
Spring will soon enough assault senses
With color and water and warmth.

But now time favors icy throes and blowing snows
Loved by gloved youth, despised by the old
Covered in angels and made into shapes,
Balled and thrown in delight and dismay,

Winter, it would seem, has come here to stay.