Western Mountaineering

I have been selling sleeping bags for over 20 years. That makes for a lot of stories about cold feet and sleepless nights trying to stay warm in under-built bags. Enter Western Mountaineering (WM) from San Jose, California, who for 30 years have been doing nothing but building down sleeping bags and who deliver what I have found to be the finest sleeping bags you can spend your hard-earned dollars on.

Without getting overly technical—which requires visual support and is usually pretty boring—I’ll note a few important facts. WM builds all their bags with 750+ fill, the best you can consistently get. When you look at an 8" lofted WM Puma Super Dry-Loft bag next to anybody else’s, you notice right away WM’s superior and often-understated loft. Loft traps heat and insulates; superior loft means superior warmth.

The Puma SDL is a –20 degree farenheit sleeping machine. The Gore Super Dry-Loft outer fabric is the most breathable, weather-resistant fabric available today for use in sleeping bags. With three decades of practice, WM has discovered the essentials of superior bag design and knows how to use them all. Interlocking draft tubes keep all the cold air outside your zipper. The right amount of differential cut keeps your elbows and knees from displacing insulation and creating cold spots. And inside WM’s full, wraparound hood is a three-dimensional draft tube, which pulls snug around your neck and holds your heat in where you need it. Okay, you get the picture—nothing missing here. The Puma SDL comes in three sizes: 5’6", 6’0", and 6’6", and costs $585 to $635 depending on the size. That is a lot of coin, but these bags will last 20+ years and there won’t be any more cold, sleepless nights.

Puma SDL Sleeping Bag