Building Strength and Diversity

Gone are the days of focusing on just one sport—there are just too many fun things to do in southwest Montana. Instead, good Bozemanites know building a strong athletic base is the best way to enjoy the outdoors, stay healthy, and perform at a respectable level. Enter Altitude Althetics, a new Bozeman gym designed not just to increase fitness, but to help build and maintain hardcore outdoor athletes. “This stuff is hard,” says owner Tyson Bradley, a former ambulance driver, firefighter, Recon Marine. “And the better you get, the harder it gets.” To the untrained eye, it might look like CrossFit—it isn’t. Instead, it’s a synthesis of CrossFit and other methodologies from half a dozen different gyms around the country, including Mountain Athlete in Jackson Hole. By cherry-picking the best aspects of various gyms, says Bradley—who used to be a certified CrossFit coach and trainer—“you create a programming template that is more sound, and that prepares athletes better in the long run—and for a wider range of sports.” For more info, check them out online at and on Facebook.