The Oil + Water Project

Local kayakers Seth Warren and Tyler Bradt have paddled safely throughout numerous kayaking expeditions, including first descents in Africa and waterfalls in South America. But as their thirst for paddling adventure settles down some, their wish to create positive change in the world has grown.

As a result, Warren, 25, and Bradt, 19, created the nonprofit Biofuels Education Coalition and have embarked on an ambitious worldwide paddling tour called the Oil + Water Project. This is a multiphase journey traveling from river to river in a converted Toyota fire truck that runs exclusively on biofuels.

Armed with motivation and vegetable oil, the Oil + Water Project began its overland journey in northern Alaska en route to Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Along the way, Warren and Bradt will be paddle rivers and promote sustainable lifestyles. Warren and Bradt are also making alternative fuels presentations to schools along their route.

“Our ultimate hope,” says Bradt, “is to promote a philosophy that will extend into the next generation and help preserve ecosystems around the world so that kids will be able to enjoy our planet’s playground just as we have.”

Their rig itself is indeed a unique ride. They’ve installed a vegetable processor that converts waste vegetables directly into biodiesel. Through this conversion process, the rig can travel over 1,900 miles per fill-up. Retrofitted with Plexiglas siding, bystanders can watch the actual biodiesel conversion process. The Oil + Water Project’s rig is one of the world’s first fully equipped biofuel demonstration vehicles with a biofuel converter on board. For more information on the Oil + Water Project world tour, visit