Skate or Die!

Bozeman’s skateboarding population is booming. And desperate for more elbow room.

The skatepark is busy and crowded. “If someone like yourself (read: never-skated-before-in-my-life) wanted to learn, there’d be very few hours of the day that there weren’t a ton of people zipping by,” says Elwood Bakken, president of the Gallatin Valley Skatepark Association (GVSA).

Thus, GVSA is working on a new park with better terrain, an improved design, and 30,000 square feet. The site was approved at the future Gallatin County Regional Park (on Oak and Davis, just west of North 19th), and should be ready to roll in spring 2009.

“We do need to raise about $700,000,” Bakken adds. In order to cut costs, they’re also hoping to get donations of cement, rebar, rental equipment; anything to do with the actual construction. For more information, or to make donations, go to or contact Bakken at 570-3432