Season Opener: Five Years

There’s a saying in the magazine business: three to breathe, five you’re alive. We’re not sure exactly what “alive” means, but we do know that this issue marks exactly five years of Outside Bozeman—12 issues and counting. Last year we moved from two issues per year to four, allowing us to have an issue for every season. And this season, Summer 2004, marks our biggest issue to date: 80 pages of great photos and interesting stories about the outdoor world of Southwest Montana. Not to mention maps, poems, illustrations, and artwork from some of the most talented artists and designers in the area. We’re tremendously grateful for their continued contributions to Outside Bozeman, and we’re sure that you are too.

This issue is loaded with stories about Bozeman’s diverse and abundant forms of outdoor recreation, from mainstream topics such as Yellowstone Park, Lewis & Clark, and fly-fishing, to the lesser-known adrenaline sports of BMX racing and paragliding. There are also interesting accounts of local attractions like Quake Lake, Virginia City, and Lewis & Clark Caverns. A list of local outdoor eateries and recent goings-on will help keep you hip to what’s going on around the Bozone. And as always, we’ve included the usual gear reviews, flora & fauna exposés, book reviews, and a comprehensive outdoor calendar for the summer season.

Pay particular attention to the unique additions to this issue. “True Tales” is a recurring department where we’ll publish stories from our readers about interesting or dramatic outdoor experiences—so if you’ve got a good tale to tell, send it our way. We’re also launching the “Cool Ad Contest”, where you can vote for your favorite ad and register to win a great hiking package from Schnee’s Boot’s & Shoes. As you’ve probably guessed, advertisements are what make Outside Bozeman possible, and we want them to be every bit as interesting and engaging as the stories and photos. By casting your vote, you can tell our advertisers what you like and don’t like—in effect, what works and what doesn’t—and they can modify their ads accordingly.

The other big addition is our new “How Far Will You Go?” contest. Take a look at page 12 for details, and at page 79 to see what inspired this one-of-a-kind contest. Then keep a copy of Outside Bozeman close, and you may just win yourself a free night for two at Potosi Hot Springs Resort. 

But most of all, be sure to get outside this summer. Turn off the tube, put away the lawnmower, use a sick day. Grab your gear and make for the river, the lake, the mountains, or whatever it is that you value most about this place. We’re pretty sure it’s not the TV.