Scooter-Bike Hybrid Hits the Market

There�s a lot to learn when you�re a kid: how to blow bubbles with your gum, how to tie your shoes, how to do cartwheels� but probably the biggest challenge of childhood is learning how to ride a bike. From parents who cringe at the idea of their kid breaking his neck careening wildly down sidewalks, to those adults who still haven�t mastered the fine art of balancing on two wheels, bike riding is more than a challenge, it�s an opportunity for fatal injury. That�s why, for some, this summer�s newest outdoor toy, the BoardRunner, is like a gift from above.

Created by Montana inventor Mark Neiman, this hybrid scooter-bike has the tires and pedals of a bicycle in the configuration of a scooter. Born out of Neiman�s concern for his kids, who were struggling to learn how to ride a bike themselves, and Neiman�s constant tinkering in the garage, the BoardRunner fills a neglected niche in outdoor recreation.

For some (yours truly), bikes are hard to manage. For others, with neck or back problems, riding a bike is too excruciating to be an option. And, scooters are fun, but too slow to keep up with bicycles, especially climbing hills. The BoardRunner uniquely addresses all these issues.

Because you�re standing, not sitting, while riding the BoardRunner, it�s easier for kids (and balance-challenged adults) to maneuver. Not only that, but the upright position enables even those with a bad neck or back to tool along. And, despite the BoardRunner�s similarities to a scooter, this new toy can race the road alongside conventional bicycles, even out on Bridger Canyon.

So what if you�re thirty-something and can�t ride your bike around town for fear of killing a pedestrian. Leave biking to less traveled trails, and use a BoardRunner to cruise around town.

For more information on the BoardRunner, check out their website at, or e-mail [email protected].