Book: The Last Best Ski Montana

We all know the value of a good guidebook. But Bryan Schaeffer brings a whole new concept to the table with the release of The Last Best Ski Montana (SINTR, $40). This 80-page illustrated handbook offers valuable information on skiing in southwest Montana, in a contemporary style and format. Equipped with a bundle of different features, the print edition is just a small part of the book. Taking a nuanced approach, Schaeffer includes QR codes throughout the book that link to interactive content such as video interviews, topographic maps, and animated illustrations. This multifaceted package is part guidebook, part illustration (including 100 hand-drawn images), and part conversation with leading snow experts in the region. The Last Best Ski Montana covers a wide spread of expertise with knowledge on where to go, when to go, and why, for alpine, backcountry, and Nordic skiing. There’s even a section on skijoring. The book sheds light on history, safety protocols, trail etiquette, gear, tips & tricks, lodging, and après. The best part? It fits just as nicely in your ski backpack as it does on the coffee table.