Paws 'n' Pals

Be sure to start the New Year off right for both pet and pocketbook—renew your pet license. The City of Bozeman requires a license for any dog or cat over six months old that lives within the city limits for more than 15 days. To purchase or renew a license, head down to City Hall at 411 E. Main during normal business hours. You’ll need proof of current rabies vaccination. Pet licenses expire on December 31 and renewal fees are due by February 15; after that you’ll be charged a $5 late fee.

Well-behaved pets add to Bozeman's appeal as a livable place. Take the time to properly train your dog, and be sure to give it plenty of time with other dogs so it’s well socialized. Keep it from constantly barking or howling, and clean up after it (plastic grocery bags make great pooper-scoopers). The Bozeman Municipal Code outlines these and other rules for pets and pet owners; be prepared to pay a fine for violations. No matter what your stance on these restrictions (we, for example, think the leash law is a bit strict for Montana), be assured that Animal Control officers are out and about daily.

Pet-Related Fines
Miscellaneous Fines:
No License: $50
Failure to Clean Up: $50
No Rabies Shot: $100

Dog off Leash:
1st Offense:$50
2nd Offense:$100
3rd Offense:$300

Nuisance, Bite, or Bark:
1st Offense:$100