Mountain Bike Race Series Introduced in 2006

For the very first time, the Montana Bicycle Racing Association (MBRA) has unveiled a complete summer series. There are nine races in all, beginning in Billings on May 21 and ending in Helena on September 10. The other race sites include Discovery Ski Area, Bohart Ranch in Bozeman, Butte, Showdown Ski Area, Red Lodge, Big Sky, and Missoula. All venues will have cross-country races. Three downhill and one trials event are also planned. The emphasis will be on fun, safety, and prizes. All skill levels are encouraged to attend, but special efforts will be made to enhance the experience for junior racers and ladies. This is age-group racing, with major categories being Expert, Sport, and Beginner; at least one race will have a First-Timer category. With nine different venues, each race will have its own unique qualities. The series will follow NORBA (National Off-Road Bicycle Association) guidelines with sanctioned race officials present and points awarded to competitors for overall season standings. This is a great opportunity for nonracers to test themselves in the friendly competition and camaraderie of mountain bike racing. For experienced racers, we suggest you start training now. Year-long commitment is not required; riders may participate in as many events as they wish. The MBRA's mission is to expand and encourage recreational mountain bike racing in Montana. To view the entire schedule, visit and please send inquiries to Dave Peck at [email protected]