Lovers and Ghosts

Nat Kendall, the emcee for the local band Eightrack Mind, recently collaborated with Minneapolis songwriter Cy Ducharme to produce a really great all-around album. The CD is a ride through different musical genres. Influences range from Outkast to 90’s alternative. There are many layers to every song, giving the album a full sound. The title song, Lovers and Ghosts, has a real indie feel to it, whereas Diamonds is much more hip-hop. Listen to this quality CD whether you're cruising your Suby down the hill or sipping a cocktail at a favorite joint. For Nat Kendall, this is a sweet debut. It’s just the beginning of the Nat Kendall Presents series; work is already under way for the next release. Pick up Lovers and Ghosts at Cactus or check out for more info.