Guts & Glory

This season’s Guts & Glory title goes to 1 1/2-year-old Carter Runyon, whose dad Nick submitted a shot of him getting big air (3-4 times his height off the deck, the equivalent of 20-25 feet for an adult) in a field outside Bozeman. Here’s what Nick had to say: “Earlier this summer my son Carter and I got outside, as we do most days in the summertime, and spent some time "flying". He can only say a few words, but one of his favorites is "outside?" Carter usually asks me this question standing at the front door on Saturday mornings... and I rarely turn him down. Thanks for the great writing and photos that inspire us to get outside and enjoy Bozeman.” Thank you, Nick, for the great photo, and for bringing another enthusiastic (not to mention cute-as-a-button) outdoors-lover into the world. With fearlessness like his, we expect more big things from Carter in the coming years.