Off-Road Ready

Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail handles great in the snow

All about the new Nissan X-Trail, an all-terrain adventure SUV.

Love to venture off the beaten path? The Nissan X-Trail might be the ideal vehicle for you. This adventure-ready SUV is built for every type of terrain and can handle any challenge you throw its way. Whether exploring the wilderness or just driving through town, the X-Trail makes the journey more exciting. We've collaborated with Car Expert to explain the features that make this SUV a great choice for all kinds of drivers. Read on and discover why the Nissan X-Trail is a top pick in its class.

This is one of the X-Trail's best selling points. On the road and off, in snow, mud, or sand, the AWD feature provides excellent traction and stability. This is especially important for people who drive in inclement weather, where there's a risk of getting stuck in snow or mud (hint: that's us). In addition, all-wheel-drive increases safety, helping drivers avoid accidents in slippery conditions.

Space & Organization
Got a family, or need to transport gear and equipment? With plenty of room for passengers and cargo, the X-Trail is comfortable and practical. Interior storage compartments are conveniently located throughout the vehicle, making it easy to keep essential items close at hand. So whether you're running errands or embarking on a road trip, the X-Trail will carry everything you need.

Comfortable Ride
We spend a lot of time inside our vehicles, so comfort is imperative—and the X-Trail does not disappoint. The seats are both soft and supportive, and the cabin is quiet and spacious. High-quality upholstery and plenty of adjustments make every ride pleasant and enjoyable, for driver and passenger alike. Additional comfort and convenience features include cruise control, heated front seats, a sunroof, and automatic climate control.

Affordable Quality
Nissan has a reputation for manufacturing quality vehicles, and the X-Trail is no exception. It's an affordable SUV that offers great value for the money with a $36,750 starting price—a reasonable number compared to other vehicles in its class. Which means that whatever your budget may be, you're sure to find an X-Trail that meets your needs.

Useful Tech
The X-Trail comes loaded with everything you need to stay connected and safe while on the go. Its advanced navigation system makes it easy to find your way, even in unfamiliar territory. And if you need to make a call, the hands-free calling feature lets you do so without taking your eyes off the road. And when you're backing up into a tight spot, the rear-view camera makes it easy to see what's behind you.

Shop Around
These are just a few reasons why the X-Trail is becoming a favorite among drivers everywhere. Now that you know more about this versatile, durable, reliable, and affordable SUV, it's time to think about whether it's the right choice for you. Be sure to do your research and take a test drive before making your final decision. And don't forget to enjoy yourself and have fun while shopping for your new SUV.