Review: Acacia Power Station

For quick device charges when car-camping, I really like the Acacia 330W Portable Power Station, which came with the Space Acacia tent package we reviewed last year. But unlike the tent, which only enjoys the occasional release from its gear-closet prison, the power station goes everywhere—to the campground, to the river, to the crag, and to ski-area parking lots all winter long. It's compact and lightweight, with two 110-volt outlets, a 12-volt socket output, several USB options, and more. I can charge it up at home, in the car, or with the Acacia 120W Portable Solar Panel, when I'm away from the vehicle. And on those cool spring and fall nights, it connects to my heated blanket, for a late-night libation in the back yard. All in all, a handy little battery that's worth every penny. $187 for the power station, $208 for the solar panel;