Review: Sitka Drifter Duffle

When heading into the field, having a good duffle is important. You want to store your gear where it is easily accessible, protected from the elements, and tucked away. The Drifter Duffle from Sitka meets all these requirements.

The 50L bag is the right size for an overnight excursion. In the main storage compartment, you can fit multiple changes of clothing or layers, plus optics and some personal items. With two large, zippered pockets on the inside of the lid, plus a third in the tub, it’s easy to organize what you’re packing. There’s even a zippered pocket on the top of the bag, sized just right for a copy of O/B for your “How Far Will You Go?” photo submission. Need something for a few more days? Step up to the 75L bag. Similar in layout to the 50, minus the zippered pocket on top of the lid, this bag has ample room for multiple days' worth of equipment and personal items.

Both bags are constructed with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane membrane) rip-stop fabric to protect against rain, snow, and anything else Mother Nature throws your way. Tossing the bag in the back of the truck or on top of a horse in inclement weather is of little concern, and with handles on all sides and the top, it’s always easy to grab. Additionally, the bags have removable shoulder straps, making them convenient to pack on your back for short excursions. I wouldn’t do a multi-day trip with this on my back, but a few miles, depending on weight, would be fine.

The Drifter has become my go-to bag for weekend adventures, a day-trip to the ski hill, or a winter fishing trip. The amount of gear is what determines which bag I grab.

Available online; $169 (50L), $189 (75L).