Review: Pedro's Pro Burrito Tool Kit

When it comes to bikes, having the right tools for the job can mean the difference between a quick fix at home or having to drop your rig off at the shop. And while I appreciate the great work that local shops do here in Bozeman, I’d rather get it done myself. That way, I’ll have my bike to ride again right away, instead of waiting around for the shop to get to it. Pedro’s Pro Burrito Tool Kit has a breath of tools that’ll keep the gears turning when something needs fixing. The kit comes with 41 items, all curated to fit the needs of a professional-level mechanic.

When it comes to tools, however, it’s more than just having the right one that is important. The quality and durability of your instruments ensures that the tools will perform time and time again. Each individual tool in the burrito kit meets Pedro’s standard as a standalone unit—meaning they didn’t cut any corners. And, every piece carries the quality guarantee that comes with the company's name. I expect to be using these tools well after my current bikes kick the can.

My favorite thing about the kit is the portable roll case, which gives it the burrito-like structure. All the tools have a particular place within the roll, whether it’s one of the assorted pockets, zippered mesh, or elastic slots. The roll bag is waterproof to keep the tools out of the elements and preserve their integrity. It also has removable frame poles that make it rigid for hanging in your shed-turned-bike shop. That's exactly where mine is going to live for a long, long while. $650;