Review: NRS Axiom Dry Suit

Gone are the days of shivering in the seat of my boat when running rapids in cold runoff, or squeezing in morning and evening river laps on weekdays in the summer. The NRS Axiom Drysuit is the ultimate protection against raging water that threatens to lower my core temperature. It's roomy enough to fit a couple fleece layers underneath, or even a puffy jacket for those days when I'm questioning why I'm on the water. But I don't feel like there's any extra material hindering my paddle strokes.

The Axiom sports rubber gaskets that are covered by an additional neoprene gasket for extra durability. This is a crucial feature, as ripped rubber gaskets will render a drysuit all but useless. The suit's main zipper is on the front for easy entry and exit. Its three-layer GORE-TEX Pro main fabric is light but robust—and it's definitely waterproof. I'm confident this suit will hold up through many seasons of gettin' rowdy on the river.

Available at; $1,295.