Review: Nikwax Wool Wash

As an avid snowboarder and general outdoorsman, I’ve worn my fair share of wool socks, shirts, and gloves—and whether it’s on the bottom of my foot or in the dead center of my back, the wool never fails to give me an itch I just can’t scratch. And it seems that wool clothing is always slightly shy of wicking away sweat completely. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Nikwax Wool Wash is a miracle worker when it comes to wool—after using the wash just once, my socks were no longer scratchy. Yes, you read that right—they now have a softness I’d never previously experienced in wool socks. Not to mention that the scent of my well-used socks before Nikwax was something fierce; afterward, they smelled like a field of posies. Available at REI. $10-$26, depending on size;