Review: Nikwax Tech Wash

This is less of a review and more of a reminder: take good care of your gear, and it’ll take care of you, plus you won’t have to keep buying new stuff every season. A few times throughout whatever season it is, I throw my technical apparel (Gore-Tex jackets, softshell pants, etc.) into the washer with some Tech Wash from Nikwax. This cleaner actually improves the water repellency and the breathability of my items, while leaving them looking brand new. So maybe my gear isn’t the newest and the style might be dated, but it all still works and I don’t smell like your bar-mate at the Haufbrau. Win for me, and a win for you. Available at Timber Trails, Chalet Sports, and Round House. $10 for 10oz., $27 for 34oz.;