Review: MSR Trailshot

Lightweight, compact, and highly functional, the Trailshot microfilter from MSR checks a lot of boxes. Whether you’re rehydrating creekside on an all-day hunt, or grabbing a quick sip on a post-work trail run, the Trailshot makes sense in a variety of situations. The entire unit takes up less space than a water bottle, and you can drink directly from the filter’s nozzle. Simply dip the filter into your water body of choice, and use the hand-pump to draw safe water into mouth, bladder, or bottle. The Trailshot uses a plastic tube to transfer water through the filter and into your carrier of choice. At only five ounces, this backup filter can go just about anywhere, and in many circumstances, it may replace your current hydration system altogether. Available at Round House, Chalet Sports, and the Crazy Mountain Outdoor Company. $50;