Review: Ice Mule Pro Large

Expensive, heavy-duty hard coolers are all the rage these days, but sometimes you need to go light—which is where the IceMule Pro Large soft cooler comes in. With a 23-liter capacity, all-day cooling capability, and an air valve for increased insulation, you can strap this sucker to your back for cold beers at campsites near and far, or stash it in the front of a canoe for cool refreshment after a long, hot day on the water. The camo option is great for hunting, too; the aforementioned frigid beverages aside, the IceMule keeps prime cuts like tenderloins and backstraps cool during the pack out. The roll-top closure is handy and the cooler floats, even when loaded to carrying capacity, which is a whopping 18 cans. Available at the Crazy Mountain Outdoor Company. $100;