Review: Hondo Garage Perfect Squeeze

I've searched far and wide for a secure iPhone mount for my dual-sport motorcycle, and have finally found what I’m looking for: the made-in-Bozeman Perfect Squeeze by Hondo Garage. Prior to trying out Hondo’s mount, I was using the RAM X-Grip, a lightweight model that left me with an uneasy feeling at high speeds or on washboarded roads and trails. The Perfect Squeeze put an end to that insecurity. The mount is super sturdy and I rest easy knowing that my phone won't bounce off the handlebars and into oblivion. It's made entirely out of aluminum and uses the RAM ball-mount system for installation, so switching over from the X-Grip was as easy as swapping one unit for the other. The Hondo is simple to use and will likely last longer than my bike. The only downside of this burly construction is that it's heavy, which might become a problem when trying to shed pounds for a high-alpine ride. $80;