Review: Haygood Farms Good Dog Snacks

Our old yellow lab, Zoe, was surrendered by her original owners at the age of 18 months. We don't know much about her early days, but we do know that she was a nervous and anxious pup from day one. Hearing plenty about the benefits of CBD, I was curious to see if the Haygood Farms Good Dog Snacks – Calm, with full spectrum CBD, could help settle our uneasy pound puppy.

Early on, we realized that Zoe would never be a hunting dog. The sound of gunshots sends her shaking uncontrollably. Smoke detector chirps have her running for cover. Firework festivities result in her hiding out in the closet for days at a time. Even her nervous panting and pacing during car rides can turn the calmest of masters into a frazzled state.

sad dog haygood farms good snacks calm

Zoe hiding under a blanket listening to the soothing sounds of fireworks.

I found that giving Zoe one Good Dog Snack twice a day had a soothing effect on my train wreck of a dog. The most noticeable difference was how sociable she became. The snacks made our lab much more comfortable in her environment. Now, she spends time hanging out during the day instead of retreating to her safe, quiet spot in the bedroom. She seems more relaxed and actually enjoys herself during car rides. New Year's Eve fireworks were the big test. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the CBD dog snacks had an easing effect on Zoe, and her closet safe haven remained vacant for the evening.

Adding Haywood Farms Good Dog Snacks to my pup's daily routine provided her a sense of calm, and restored some normalcy back into our household. Do your research and talk to your veterinarian to determine if adding CBD to your dog's wellness regimen is the right option for your furry best friend. Available online; $35.