Review: Dr. Fedorenko True Organics

A healthier way to protect your skin.

Bugs love me. The sun hates me. And let’s face it, Montana’s dry weather and harsh winters are not kind to our skin. With so many products out there, it’s difficult to know what works for an active lifestyle. Have no fear: Dr. Fedorenko True Organics are here to help. If you’re a lover of the outdoors, you know how hard it can be to shield yourself from the unrelenting elements. These skin protection sticks might be just what you’re looking for.

Dr. Fedorenko True Organics use only natural ingredients, such as organic butters and essential oils. These chemical free products protect and nourish your skin, allowing you to have fun outdoors without worrying about the sun, wind, or bugs. My box came with a moisturizing Skin Stick, a DEET free Bug Stick, and a 30 SPF Sun Stick.

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The sticks are easy for the whole family to use and apply. They go on smoothly and require zero rubbing in. Each of the products has a pleasant smell, and best of all, these products are super lightweight and compact. You can conveniently throw them into your skiing, hiking, or hunting pack as you head out the door. These products were created to protect you from some of nature’s harshest conditions. Not only are they highly effective, they’re also healthy for planet Earth, thanks to their biodegradable packaging.

Included with these outdoor skin protection products was a bottle of Dr. Fedorenko Hand Sanitizer, exuding warm cinnamon and clover aromas—a refreshing alternative to harsher generic hand sanitizers. This product consists of 70% alcohol with a combination of essential oils meant to protect your immune system.

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Whether it’s fighting ticks during spring turkey season, warding off the harsh summer sun, or soothing your dry, cracked skin courtesy of Montana’s harsh winters, Dr. Fedorenko True Organics are essential to keeping you protected while enjoying the outdoors.

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